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The Vita First Aid Difference

The Vita First Aid Difference

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Vita First Aid is not your average AED company

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Vita First Aid is guided by one mission: to help save lives by making AEDs more accessible. We are a social enterprise and are committed to putting people before profit.  We do not only sell live-saving devices, but also serve as trusted advisors and AED specialists for every client.  

We know that the main barrier to AED adoption is knowledge and awareness. We also know that selling a life-saving device only makes a difference if our customers know how to use them and if the device is in working order. That’s why we feel a strong responsibility to ensure every customer receives AED training and support at no extra cost. This includes assistance to ensure that the devices stay in good working order.  We are always ready to help develop and maintain AED programs that will ultimately save lives.

All you pay is the price of the device. When you buy an AED from Vita First Aid, we’re happy to offer training, advice, service calls, and pad and battery tracking for no additional cost. People ask why we give up the extra profit, but the simple answer is that we genuinely care about helping our customers protect the people at their locations.

At Vita First Aid, purchasing an AED is only the start of the customer journey.  Adopting this approach has made Vita First Aid one of the leading and most trusted AED solution providers in Canada.  Contact us today to see for yourself.

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