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We offer an affiliate program that allows you to sell our products on your website.  We pay you a 10% commission on the gross sales each month.  The system tracks everything and there is no work required on your end.

Getting Setup as an Affiliate is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

ONE: Register

To be an affiliate you must have an account with our online store. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


TWO: Affiliate Application

To be an affiliate we must change the permissions on your account with us. Fill out the form below making sure to use the same email that is used for your account. We will review your request and be in touch to confirm your affiliate status.


THREE: Get & Use Your Affiliate Code

Once you have received word that your affiliate account has been created, Login to your account. In your online store dashboard you will see your affiliate code. (NOTE: This is where you will track commissions also)

Your code will look like this | ?affiliate=1A3B5C7

You can add this code to any page, post, category or individual product on our website/store. If you refer someone to our site  you will receive commission on the sale. Examples of how you can use your link are:


Simply linking to our website |

Linking to our entire online store |

Linking to a specific brand |

Linking to a specific product |


We are proud to sell the following products:

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