There are many good reasons to consider leasing AEDs.

Peace of Mind

Having an AED provides great peace of mind. Hopefully you never need it, but knowing you have it, is worth its weight in gold.  If you ever need to use the device and need to replace your pads we will ship these to you immediately at no cost.  Training is also included with each AED at no extra cost.  If there is ever a problem with your AED we will provide you with a loaner unit while yours is being serviced.   

Budget/Cash Flow

It is understandable that not all companies have the budget or cash flow to pay cash for AEDs.  Leasing allows you to obtain the number of AEDs you need now without delay.  By leasing your AED you are spreading out the cost of your AED over a 3 year period.  There is an option to purchase the AED at the end of three years.  Perhaps your company has the capital, but would rather conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes. Sales tax is also not paid upfront, but each month with your lease payment. 

Credit Preservation

All businesses have access to limited credit lines at their bank. Operating Lines, Mortgages, etc… must be kept within the bank’s total exposure limit for that business. By using a third party leasing company to finance equipment and machinery acquisitions you are effectively opening new credit lines.   No additional collateral is required beyond the equipment being leased.

Tax Advantages

Leasing provides, depending on the circumstance, a 100% tax deductible operating expense. Consult your accountant regarding the nature of deductions for your situation.

Financing of Accessories & “Soft Costs”

Accessories such as cabinets and cases are included in the lease.  Soft costs such as freight, training, etc… can also be included.

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