Zoll AED Plus
Zoll AED Plus open with Pads laid out
Zoll AED Plus open showing buttons and operational instructions
Zoll AED Plus in Carry Bag

Zoll AED Plus Fully Automatic AED with Cover


The ZOLL AED Plus provides:

  • Enhanced Real CPR Help, featuring a display and a large colour bar gauge that shows CPR compression depth and rate.
  • One piece CPR-D Padz simplifies pads placement.
  • 5-year shelf life for pads and batteries increases readiness and decreases frequency of maintenance.

Package Includes:

  • 1 – Zoll AED Plus Fully Automatic
  • 1 – CPR-D Padz Package (Five (5) year shelf-life)
  • 1 – Set of Lithium Batteries (Five (5) year shelf-life)
  • 1 – Soft Carry Case
  • 1 – Training DVD
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