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The University of Toronto Emergency First Responders (UTEFR) is thankful for Martin Andrews and his company,, for  a significant donation to our team. The donaton consists of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) unit, a lifesaving device used in cardiac emergencies. This act of generosity and commitment to public safety demonstrates Andrews’ and’s  commitment to public safety, community well-being, and the importance of these AED units. 

AEDs are devices designed to analyze a person’s heart rhythm and deliver an electric shock to the heart during sudden cardiac  arrests (SCA), a conditon that affects over 100 people a day in Canada, regardless of age and health. Normally, the survival  rate of an out of hospital cardiac arrest without chest compressions and defibrillation are almost zero. However, when  combined with effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), rapid access to an AED and defibrillation can improve a person’s survival rate by up to approximately 75%. The importance of AEDs can be highlighted by the amount of publicly accessible units, often found at subway stations, stores, gyms, schools, and more. 

AEDs are devices that anyone can use – they require no prior knowledge or skills as these units have voice prompts that tells  the responder exactly what to do. As soon as they are turned on, they instruct the responder to call for help, apply the pads  on the patient’s chest, and analyzes the patient’s heart rhythm. When needed, it will instruct the responders to stay clear  and shock the patient, sometimes without even needing to press any additonal butons. Unfortunately, as easy as they are  to use, they are only useful if people can access them when they are needed. As the founder of, Andrews’ mission is  to help save lives by making AEDs more accessible.  

“I started the company to really make a difference in the world,” said Andrews.  

“[The way] I classify my company is a social enterprise. Yes, we’re still a for profit business… but we also try to see how we  can give back.” Andrews replied when asked why he donates AED units. “Our number one goal is to help have AEDs more accessible… even more than making X number of dollars.” 

Pucng people over profit,’s goal was to promote the equipment and skills that create safer public spaces.  Understanding the significance of AEDs, Andrews has consistently advocated for greater accessibility of these devices. As  such, is proud to donate an AED unit for every ten units sold to public organizations. Placing AED units in locations  such as university campuses and other public spaces significantly reduces response times and improves outcomes.’s  donation not only equips UTEFR with an additonal AED unit, but also makes the University of Toronto a safer place for  students, faculty, and staff. 

“Honestly, if I could, I would give them all away,” Andrew says. “To me, that’s what it’s all about… it’s about helping people.” 

UTEFR is a dedicated group of volunteer students committed to providing emergency medical services at major organized  events throughout the University of Toronto Campus. As a volunteer student organization, UTEFR relies on the support and  contributions from individuals and companies such as Andrews and to fulfill its mission of promoting community well being and providing quality pre-hospital treatments. This generous donation of an AED unit will have a profound impact on  UTEFR’s ability to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies on campus.  

Martin Andrews’ and’s gesture serves as an inspiration for others to contribute to their communities and priorize  public safety. By supporting organizations like UTEFR and donating life-saving equipment, Andrews sets an example of  corporate social responsibility, making a positive impact on society.  

Andrews’ and’s generous donation of an AED unit to UTEFR showcases his commitment to public safety and his  dedication to making AEDs more accessible everywhere. UTEFR is extremely grateful for his donation and his support to our  team. With the help of Andrews and, the University of Toronto is now a safer space.  

16 June 2023 

Written by J. Han, Executive Director 

Edited by C. Strauss-Bate, Equipment Director 

Edited by H. Ammar, Communica3ons Director

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