The Defibrillator Registration and Public Access Act, 2020.


BREAKING NEWS! Ontario Bill 141 received royal assent in June 2020. 

Bill 141 is the Defibrillator Registration and Public Access Act, 2020. This new legislation will increase public access to life saving AEDs. We are very excited about how many lives will be saved as a result of this bill. The bill is currently with the Ministry of Health to develop the necessary regulations. 

So what does this mean for Ontarioans?

  • AEDs will be REQUIRED in public premises
  • AEDs will be REQUIRED in other designated premises
  • AEDs will be REQUIRED to be installed in the correct locations
  • AEDs will be REQUIRED to have appropriate signage
  • AEDs will be REQUIRED to be maintained & tested
  • AED training will be REQUIRED
  • AEDs will be REQUIRED to be registered with 911

Each year approximately 7,000 Ontarians will experience sudden cardiac arrest.  When an AED is readily available a person’s chance of survival goes from 5% with CPR alone with 75% with an AED and CPR together.  

By having AEDs registered 911 dispatchers will be able to tell the caller where the closest AED is to their location.  Sadly, there have been many instances where an AED was close by, but the caller or dispatcher were not aware. 

A person who experiences sudden cardiac arrest only has approximately 10 minutes to survive.  With each minute that passes a person’s chance of survival goes down by 10% per minute that defibrillation is delayed.  

The legislation will also ensure that buildings have the correct number of AEDs in the correct locations with the proper signage.  Many buildings currently do not have enough AEDs and some units are hidden away and not accessible.  

Like any piece of equipment maintenance and training are critical.  It is imperative that the AED stay in good working order and that people know how to use it when needed. 

By making AEDs more accessible many lives will be saved.  It may even be your life or someone you care about whose life is saved by an AED being available when it is needed. 

Vita First Aid is here to help you every step of the way.  Please contact us with any questions.

Working together we can help save many lives.  

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